You can apply for a 30 day entry visa to Sri Lanka online at  Or you can pay for it on arrival.   This can usually be extended to three months after which, under normal circumstances you would need to leave the country and re enter should you wish to stay on.  However if you are able to meet the requirements there are several types of longer term visa on offer.


You can find out detailed information specific to your own circumstances at the Governments Immigration web site. 


In general there are three main types of long term visa.


INVESTMENT.If you intend to live in Sri Lanka you will probably want to consider investing $250,000 US in the country.  Either through the BOI (Board of Investment) or similar department.


RESIDENT GUEST.If you have a particular skill or qualification that can be shown to be of material or cultural benefit to the country you may be eligible for the Resident Guest 


RETIREMENT.If you are over 55 and wish to retire here there is a special programme under the name ‘Sri Lanka- My dream home’  It is much cheaper than the investment route.  Retirement Visa


Longer term visas can run from one to five years and it is even possible to apply for citizenship after three years.


If you would like assistance with your application we will be happy to introduce you to specialists we have worked with before.


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